Port of Boulogne sur Mer

Harbour Information, Terminals and Facilities
(Boulogne sur Mer, Nord Pas de Calais, France)

The Port of Boulogne is the principal fishing port of France. It is a vital commercial port and a continuously expanding marina. The port is situated a short distance from the Channel Tunnel.

The Port can be found just a short walk away from the centre of Boulogne and offers services ranging from a tourism office to a tax-free shop. However you are better off making use of the facilities in the town itself, which are more extensive.

Disabled passengers will find dedicated toilets and wheelchair access to all sections of the terminal. Special assistance is available for those passengers who may require it.

Port of Boulogne Information: Ferry Services

Boulogne sur Mer services ferry sailings to Dover up to five times a day. The crossings are operated by SpeedFerries on a catamaran with journey time taking just 50 minutes.

The catamaran has a capacity of 800 passengers and 200 vehicles. Usually there is a departure to Dover every three hours.

Contact Port of Boulogne sur Mer:
Address: 98, Bd Gambetta, 62204, Boulogne sur Mer Cedex, Nord Pas de Calais, France, FR
Tel: +33 (0)3 21 99 62 00
Fax: +33 (0)3 21 99 62 01
Email: ccibco@boulogne-sur-mer.cci.fr
Boulogne sur Mer Port

Boulogne sur Mer Port

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